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Who we are

Artifact has a DNA rooted in the best of the art of Data Science, intelligence and fact finding to deliver impact

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The art of Data Science to apply cutting-edge technologies to business problems to enable impact


Decisions should be fact-based leveraging all sorts of data to uncover unknowns


Intelligence, Insights

Experience of the founders

Skilled founder team eager to engage with customers to address Data Science and AI challenges 

50+ years

of combined experience in Analytics, AI and Digital Transformations

60+ use cases

successfully delivered and managed global analytics garages

3 founders

with a unique combination of skills and a growing team

20+ patents

filed and actively involved in strategic thought leadership with CXO 

Experience in several industries

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo with AI

We believe in thinking differently to drive value with actionable insight and agility

How we do it

The way we challenge the status quo is by focusing on

new sources of value

turning insight into action

accelerating adoption

Complementary founding team

Montassar BenMrad

Co-Founder & CEO

Accelerating Impactful Digitization

Michael Wegmüller


Empowering Agile Analytics at Scale

Stefan Ravizza


Pushing Boundaries with AI