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Empowering people with AI for the better

We build responsible AI implementations, well embedded in organizations’ strategies, with the aim to construct scalable structures for growth.

It’s in our DNA to navigate the AI landscape with pragmatism, agility, and combined expertise. We aim for seamless partnerships to co-create impactful and reliable AI solutions.

Pragmatic agility

In the fast-changing digital landscape, we are dedicated to pragmatism and agility. Our approach is grounded in adaptability, empowering us to change swiftly to navigate complexities and deliver reliable solutions for you.

Tailored expertise

Experience is your advantage: Our team combines know-how from diverse perspectives including top-notch practical and academic expertise leading to innovative and pragmatic solutions on each project.

Impactful partnerships

We are committed to a collaboration that is stimulating and puts everyone eager to thrive. Infusing our agile mindset in your organizations, we co-develop solutions together to generate impact.

Passionate experts

With over 20 patents in the field of AI and a combined total of over 70 years in the industry, we accelerate impact for your business.

Michael Wegmüller

Empowering Agile Analytics at Scale

Montassar BenMrad

Co-Founder & CEO
Accelerating Impactful Digitization

Stefan Ravizza

Pushing Boundaries with AI

Bastian Eichenberger

Data Science Consultant
Accelerating Growth with Impactful AI Solutions

David Limacher

Data Science Consultant
Uncovering Impactful Insights from Data

Harry Novic

Senior AI Consultant
Building Business Advantages with AI

Jerome Pieper

Data Science Consultant
Automating with AI for Automatic Value

Lukas Mautner

Data Science Consultant
Agile Delivery of Quality AI Solutions

Olivier Grognuz

Data Science Consultant
AI-Driven Insights, Real-World Impact

Roman Einikis

Senior AI Consultant
Creating Sustainable AI Applications

Steffen Blume

Senior Data Science Consultant
Unlocking Value in Organizations with AI