How can we use AI to support the movement for peace and show solidarity with the people in Ukraine?


Online websites and social media platforms are an impactful way to communicate our solidarity with the people in Ukraine and form a strong and powerful movement for peace.

An effective way to drive awareness is to color those platforms in blue and yellow. Hence, we are looking for creative ways to easily transform images, portraits and company logos with the help of generative AI.

We plan to launch a website where everyone can upload their images and turn them into meaningful messages of solidarity.

Call to Action:

Alone, we will not be fast nor creative enough to do it. Hence we want to leverage the creativity, capabilities and power of the wider AI & Data Science network.

Are you shocked and deeply saddened by the human tragedy in the Ukraine?

Do you want to voice out a message of kindness, solidarity and peace?

Do you have relevant capabilities and interest to help?

Based on a voluntary setting we aim to build a simple portal that can be used to generate momentum in the web and on social media platforms.

We are looking to build teams/squads to develop the platform UI (web front-end developers), manage the projects (Scrum Masters / project managers) and implement useful image transformers which can be added one by one into the website.

If you are interested to join and help, please drop us a line and tell us how you would like to contribute. We will help with the necessary coordination of all efforts.

Let's #standwithukraine and show it !